Frequently Asked Questions about our Ski School Lessons

Just a few ski lesson FAQs answered!

If you have any further regarding your ski lessons or ski resort information, email: [email protected]

Q… When we book ski lessons, will there be other people on our ski lesson?

…With traditional ski group lessons, we find skiers get anxious because they don’t know others in the group or think they ski better or worse, or feel they’re holding others up, and that this anxiety seriously prevents your learning.  However, we know with private ski lessons and private group ski lessons made up solely of your friends and family who know each other and comfortable in their company, learning then becomes more fun, relaxed and these factors considerably enhance your learning and improvement.

Q… Do I need to do a course of ski lessons, such as ‘improvers’ or ‘advancing parallel’?

…Some people prefer to learn in a defined group or ski course, and that works for the people it works for.  What we’re interested in is creating the ski lesson just for you, so there’s no need for you to categorize your proficiency or progression.  And the personal attention you’re getting and the teaching over and above traditional ski courses means that you’ll be learning to ski much more quickly and becoming more proficient from fewer ski lessons!.

Q… What’s the right age to start kids ski lessons?

…We generally recommend ski lessons from age 3-4 yrs onwards, but as a parent, you’re best placed to know your child’s co-ordination, responsiveness to being taught, and being left with other adults.  And also check that they really want to ski?  After all, like you, the more fun they have the quicker they’ll pick it up.  And if you’d love to learn with your children, then check out the parents and children ski lessons.

Q… What if I get stuck and need advice?

…All you need to do is call or email us. Yes, even if you’re on the ski slopes!  If you see our ski instructors on the slopes they are very approachable, speak English and will be happy to advise as best they can. There’s also our regular news and videos. You can also follow us on https://www.facebook.com/SkiWithEase and Twitter @SkiWithEase

We look forward to skiing with you soon!